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Unlock 10 Potential Benefits of Smart Home Automation

22 May, 2024

The accelerated popularity of home and office automation in recent times has cultivated a fresh perception towards living spaces.

Stay Powered Up with Kohler Backup Generators: A Must-H...

01 May, 2024

As the Caribbean braces itself for the upcoming hurricane season, set to begin in June, ensuring that homes are equipped to handle power outages becomes a top priority.

3 Different Types of Automatic Gate Openers

25 Apr, 2024

A gate opener, also known as a gate operator, brings convenience and security to any property, from single homes to multi-tenant apartments and private villas. By installing an automatic gate opener, you can control property access and open gates without needing to open them manually.

Vibia: Design Beyond Light

01 Apr, 2024

In a world where aesthetics meet innovation, Vibia is the epitome of high-end lighting fixtures. Whether you're looking to dazzle your living space, elevate your outdoor ambiance, or add a touch of sophistication to your interiors, Vibia has the perfect solution. And guess what? Corporate Electric is here to bring the ...

Home automation gives you what you want – simplicity

04 Nov, 2021

The most common misconception about home automation or ‘smart home’ systems is that they are complex and difficult to use. The truth is that a properly designed system enhances your life while being simple and intuitive to control. It’s about bringing your home together, giving.

Coping mechanisms during the lockdown

07 Oct, 2021

Lonely? Disconnected? Worried about the future? Everyone’s feeling the pressure and looking for ways to cope. Here are a few stress-busting solutions that are known to help during uncertain times. Here in the Cayman Islands, like much of the rest of the world, many of us.