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Development of high-octane g-drive engine by liebherr and kohler

01 Oct, 2021

The winner of the award ‘Diesel of the Year 2017’, the D9812, fabricated by Liebherr for mining applications, is to act as a genset for Kohler SDMO. The D9812 is characterized primarily by its outstanding performance and is developing the strong identity of a polyhedral and efficient industrial engine for the free market heavy-duty applications. It ensures high productivity at lower costs and its high system integration allows it to achieve high efficiency.

Liebherr and Kohler: An Ideal Partnership

Kohler has been a source of reliable, outstanding products, determined engineering and efficient after-sale support since 1920 as a worldwide force in power solutions. SDMO industries were taken over by Kohler in the year 2005 and took birth as the 3rd largest manufacturer of industrial generators in the world. The company delivers integrated industrial power systems to hospitals, data centers, government offices among others. Whereas, Liebherr has 30 years of experience in manufacturing the engines. This combined with the Kohler’s expertise, forms the greatest force ever in the industry. The two companies together developed the K175 engine series which is almost similar to the G Drive version of the D98XX series. These G-Drive engines explicitly power the recently launched KD series of Kohler and Kohler SDMO diesel industrial generators.

The Power Density

The new line of engines is divided into two series – 135 and 175 series. Both the series comprise of three engines and incorporate a modular design with common components enabling efficient servicing, reduced spare parts inventory, and more streamlined technician training. The 12 cylinder variant of the K175 series, KD62V12 G-Drive diesel engine, provides incredible power in a clean and modular design. This engine is exclusively created for generator set applications that combine the supreme efficiency with the greater power. The G-Drive engine is equipped with the undisputed kW displacement and compact form factor, which allows it to deliver the highest power density in the market. The G-Drive engine offers higher performance at the reduced operating cost as it is a leading industry producer of the kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while delivering the best fuel consumption. The G-Drive engines have ideal architecture, fuel injection system, and management that allows it to achieve the set performance simultaneously meeting all the global emission requirements in the market.

Unique Turbocharging System

The ultimate turbocharging system optimizes airflow to the cylinders for maximum power, optimal combustion, and reduced fuel consumption. Over and above this, the engine produces low noise and vibration because, its low-noise combustion system together with optimized pressure work in combination with a rigid engine block, crankcase, and sub-frame. The G-Drive engines are designed to produce efficient results for long-term because of their long-life and the power systems are backed by a three-year emergency standby power warranty.

Low Cost and Other Key Factors

The G-Drive engine is comparatively less expensive and easy to maintain because of its low fuel consumption, increased power density, low acquisition cost and diagnostics that prevent issues. The innovative fuel system by Liebherr with common rail injection, which reaches pressures up to 2200 bar, helps to deliver better atomization of fuel and improved fuel consumption. This precisely-metered fuel injection system also minimizes engine particulates, reduces emissions, and helps the new engines to meet international emission regulations.

This G-Drive engine doesn’t use the returned fuel to cool the engine which ultimately means that the returned fuel is at normal temperature. This serves as an advantage for the KD series engine when developing the industrial power systems. Thus, the highly efficient and sturdy construction along with the authentic design makes the Genset variant of the D9812 engine the best in its field.