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Home automation gives you what you want – simplicity

04 Nov, 2021

The most common misconception about home automation or ‘smart home’ systems is that they are complex and difficult to use.  The truth is that a properly designed system enhances your life while being simple and intuitive to control.  It’s about bringing your home together, giving you one way to control everything, rather than many ways to control many things.

Here are a few ways a home automation system can make your life easier.

  • Everything happens on one remote, phone, or tablet. You won’t have to learn each system separately and you never need to switch between multiple apps. It all works within a single powerful control platform that does all the hard work in the background while giving you a streamlined user interface. And you won’t be overwhelmed by endless buttons and functions, the system intelligently simplifies what it shows you so you only see what you want, letting you get to the point and get on with your day.
  • TV and music has never been easier. Using your controller of choice, you press one button and your work is done. The system turns everything on, sets all the inputs, and dims the lights when appropriate. When you’re done, another button press turns everything off. You’ll have access to (almost) every song ever made in hi-resolution thanks to an integrated online music streaming system, or play music from anyone’s phone just as easily.
  • In the morning you can press the ‘Wake Up’ button to turn on the lights leading to the kitchen, and turn the TV on to the morning news. When you drive off for work just press the ‘Away’ button on your car visor controller or phone and the house knows to turn off all the lights, TV’s and music, turn down the AC a few degrees to save energy, and arms the alarm for you. Your home then sends you a message on your phone confirming it’s locked down. If you ever need to put your mind at ease, you can check in on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Watch the cameras, check the alarm status, adjust the temperature, full system control is always available as if you were there.
  • Things happen automatically. Outside lights are set to turn on at sunset so you never come home to a dark entrance. Temperature can adjust itself throughout the day to reduce energy use. If the security alarm goes off it doesn’t only call the police, it also turns on the lights and stops any music and TV’s. Fire alarms can also automatically open windows and turn on ventilation systems to help control smoke. The house can send you a message on the phone when any event happens. It could be about alarm activity, flooding, or something as simple as letting you know the kids are home from school.

At Corporate Electric we can help you take control of your home with an automation system that’s both simple and powerful, so you can get the most out of technology without all the frustration.