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5 Fire safety tips to ensure a safe christmas

22 Dec, 2017

As Christmas draws closer, we cannot help but get excited for all the parties, dinners, events, decorations, and of course; roasted turkey and Christmas Beef! Unfortunately, a sure-fire way to ruin a holiday party or event is to lose power. If you embrace the “show must go on” mentality, you probably already have a generator to keep the eggnog and sorrel cold ensuring the Christmas music keeps playing. Amongst the many items on your long holiday to-do list, don’t forget to ensure your generator is always ready to perform, through regular servicing and preventative maintenance. Here at Corporate Electric, we are always willing to help keep those holiday lights twinkling!

Speaking of Christmas lights and traditions, please use our tips to help keep safe this holiday season :

  • Always ensure your outlets and extension cords can handle their load. Overloading your sockets can increase your risk of an electrical fire. (On that note, always be sure to use a licensed electrician for all installations.)
  • If you are using a generator to help you provide that extra bit of electricity, please remember to never use indoors! Carbon monoxide poisoning and toxic exhaust fumes can pose serious health risks.
  • Keep that tree watered! We all love the look, smell, and nostalgia of a fresh evergreen Christmas tree, but a dry, browning tree is also a fire hazard.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on pets who may decide to start chewing on all those additional cords, to avoid electrical shock.
  • With the extra house guests, we can easily become distracted from cooking those holiday meals! Remember to have your fire extinguisher serviced annually, in case that that turkey, beef or ham in the oven starts to crisp a little more than intended.

Electrical, fire, and generator risks aside, please remember to be safe this Christmas season. And from our Corporate Electric family to yours – Merry Christmas!