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Striding Towards the Growth – Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin.


At Corporate Electric, we firmly believe in every word quoted above and continuously look out for ways to scale up our reach and services across the Cayman Islands. The recent expansion of our 2-story building is the embodiment of this belief.

We have been hiring new employees and expanding our team due to the increasing workload and our 2-story office was starting to fill. ‘Suddenly, the office – which was quite spacious and large when we started – looked compact and congested. That’s when we decided to expand the existing space,’ says the founder of Corporate Electric.

Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion

Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion - Image 1

Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion - Image 2

To meet the steadily increasing requirements of our clients who have entrusted us with their safety, security, and comfort, we initiated a talk with our construction team and began planning our building expansion project. We added an additional 1500 square feet to our headquarters in the Cayman Islands. It not only comfortably accommodates our existing team but can easily house new faculty for our continued growth.

Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion - Image 3

It is overwhelming to see Corporate Electric, what started as a small endeavor for providing efficient electric solutions to Cayman, grow to such a level. The expansion of our building is exciting, not only because we’re thriving, but also because we are now better equipped to serve our customers.

Corporate Electric’s Building Expansion - Image 4