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Post cedia trade show wrap up

18 Sep, 2017

CEDIA is the automation industries biggest annual trade show. All the major brands are there showing
off their latest tech and innovations. Here are a few of the most exciting trends from CEDIA 2017.


Voice control is growing fast. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are leading the pack, pushing the development of better and more accurate voice recognition. We’re starting to see systems that can more intelligently interpret the meaning of what you’re saying so it won’t be long before we will be able to communicate with our homes like we do with each other, without needing to memorize specific commands.


4K video isn’t new this year but we’re seeing a lot more options and new products entering the market. TV’s at this resolution have been price competitive for a while now, but we’re starting to see some serious 4K projectors come down in price, bringing the ultimate home theatre experience within reach for most systems.


Leading lighting brand Lutron showed off some additions to their RA2 and Homeworks lines that can reduce the cost of these systems by stripping out less commonly used features for a more streamlined hardware package.

If you’re interested in setting up your home with some of the latest technology or would like additional information on what’s available please let us know.