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Kohler & liebherr announce new large diesel engines!

24 Oct, 2016

Following a gestation period of more than eight years, a new line of generator drive diesel engines have been jointly announced by Liebherr and Kohler Power Systems. The new engines, to be built by Liebherr at its new Colmar, France, operations, as well as at an extended facility at its headquarters in Bulle, Switzerland, will power the new KD range of Kohler and Kohler-SDMO branded diesel industrial generators, including the KD2500 above.

The new KD series of gen-sets were launched in conjunction with the new engines at a Kohler global dealer conference in Strasbourg, France in mid-October. The new KD gen-sets will be phased-in in nodes between 800 kVA and 4200 kVA in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations.

We’re pleased to be integrating a premium new engine into these generators that combines a compact footprint with unrivaled power density,

said Tom Cromwell, group president – power for Kohler.

The engines will be branded Kohler, with new branding and a black engine color scheme for the Kohler sets. A variation of the engines have been introduced and are being used by Liebherr in its mining equipment. Those engines were on display at the recent MinExpo show in Las Vegas.

However, Cromwell said that beyond the blocks, the G-drive versions are “substantially different,” and were co-designed by Kohler and Liebherr. Kohler will have exclusive rights to these engines for the gen-set market and that will include aftersales product and support solely through the Kohler distribution network.


In total, there will be six diesel engines within the new line, which deliver between 950 and 4838 hp (709 and 3608 kW) standby power at 50 Hz and between 1200 and 5700 hp (891 and 4250 kW) standby power at 60 Hz.

The new diesel engine line (there may eventually by gaseous-fueled models as well) is divided into two series — the 135 series and the 175 series, both utilizing three engines.

The 135 series includes the KD27V12 (right), a 12-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 27 L displacement; the KD36V16, a 16-cylinder unit with a 135 mm bore and 36 L displacement; and the KD45V20, a 20-cylinder engine with a 135 mm bore and 45 L displacement.

The 175 series also includes three engines: the KD62V12 (below right), a 12-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 62.4 L displacement; the KD83V16, a 16-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 82.72 L displacement; and the KD103V20, a 20-cylinder with a 175 mm bore and 103.40 L displacement.


The new KD Series generator sets will be available in nodes between 800 kVA and 4200 kVA. The generators will be available globally under the Kohler and Kohler-SDMO brands. Kohler Power Systems is being phased-out as a product brand in favor of Kohler, but will remain the name of the corporate organization for the gen-sets, etc.

Targeted applications for the new generator sets include data centers, healthcare, water treatment, oil and gas, telecommunications and mining. The new units are designed to meet global emissions regulations and are customizable for specific application requirements, Kohler said.

For more information visit www.kohlerpower.com or www.kohlersdmo.com

(Source: Diesel Progress)