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Our Expertise

Corporate Electric Ltd. installs Home Automation and Smart Home Systems. The term, Home Automation is the industry standard used to describe building automation for your residence.


In commercial building automation systems various functions can be controlled from panels in different locations, remote controls and central control stations.


Now, due to advances in home automation technology, a home owner now has the ability to do the same thing. For example, lighting, home theater components, plant watering, window shades, security systems and other functions can all be controlled with the touch of a button. Imagine having the lights dim, the shades go down, the door locked, garage door opener, gate opened, and the home theater system comes on in movie mode.


Pricing on home automation systems have come down, while the features and ease of use have increased. Corporate Electric installs both wired and wireless systems. If your home is already built and you want a wired system, no problem, our professionals can install what you want and no one will ever know that it was not part of the original plan.


We can transform your home with a new home automation system. As a licensed Electrical Contractor, we will provide consultation & installation by factory trained professionals. We will also install & program your home automation system, in addition to performing any electrical installation you need.


Request Service and we will provide a quote.