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Fire Alarm systems Cayman

Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance

Our Expertise

Corporate Electric is an authorised distributor for Siemens fire alarm systems.


Corporate Electric is one of the industry leaders in installation of fire alarm systems in the Cayman Islands and can provide:

  • Fire alarm system design and CAD system design.
  • Factory trained fire alarm technicians.
  • Fire alarm system tests and inspections.
  • Point by point documentation of the inspection / test for your insurance records.
  • Extensive inventory of common parts and devices for most manufacturers’ fire panels.
  • Annual or semi-annual inspections and testing for insurance purposes.

We establish fire protection goals by referencing the minimum levels of protection mandated by the appropriate building and fire code. Our fire alarm designer then details specific components, arrangements, and interfaces necessary to accomplish these goals. Equipment specifically manufactured for these purposes is selected and standardized installation methods are anticipated during the design. In the Cayman Islands, NFPA 72, The National Fire Alarm Code is the established installation standard.


A typical fire alarm system has the following components:

  • Fire alarm control panel: This monitors inputs and system integrity, controls outputs and relays information.
  • Primary Power supply: This is the non-switched 120 or 240 Volt AC power source supplied from the power utility. In non-residential applications, a branch circuit is dedicated to the fire alarm system and its constituents.
  • Secondary (backup) Power supply: This commonly consists of sealed lead-acid storage batteries or other emergency sources including generators.
  • Initiating Devices: These components act as an input to the fire alarm control unit and are either manually or automatically actuated. Examples would be devices pull stations, heat detectors, or smoke detectors.
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