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Arming Our Team with Intimate Training Sessions on LOTO and Data/Cable

Arming Our Team with Intimate Training Sessions on LOTO and Data/Cable


Last week Corporate Electric held its first safety training program of 2019 for all the apprentices, wiremen, journeymen, and electrical supervisors of the company. As Corporate Electric consistently organizes such programs for employees, this was a training-cum-review session for many.

The main agenda of the session was training on Lockout and Tagout (abbreviated as LOTO). Lockout refers to the practice of locking the breaker or electrical source with a keyed security device to avoid unwanted electrification. Whereas, tagout refers to the process of leaving the lock with a tag to enhance the visibility and traceability as well as convey the message that the equipment is subjected to ongoing maintenance. It is vital for the safety of any person engaged in electrical works.

Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 2


Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 3
The training program covered everything from the basics to in-depth knowledge of LOTO. It was fragmented into four main segments:

  • Video Training – A video was shown to comprehend the LOTO process for different electrical sources.Training Session at Corporate Electric
  • Live Demonstration – Our electrical operations supervisor gave a hands-on demonstration of the LOTO process to the attendees to ensure they understand it completely.Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 5
  • Q&A Session – The Q&A session helped clear any scruple of doubt that the attendees had regarding the LOTO practice.Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 4
  • Short Test – The training session was followed by a small test. Those who passed the test were awarded a lockout and tagout kit comprising of breaker lock, hasp or scissors, padlock with key and a laminated ‘Do not operate’ tag with each employee’s details.Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 1

The training program was a great success and was well received by the attendees.

Additionally, another training session was organized a few days ago for the service department of Corporate Electric. The theme of this program was data/cabling for Panduit products. Being the authorized distributor of Panduit products, we wanted to ensure each of our technicians knows the nuances of such products.

Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 6

The session entailed the training on termination of Cat5 and Cat6 cables and test followed by Panduit-specific tools and colour coding. Learning about the proper termination of Cat5 & Cat6 data cabling helps ensure we continue to represent the Panduit name with quality.

Training Session at Corporate Electric - Image 7

Both the training programs saw a great turn out and reiterated the importance of Lockout/Tagout as well as data/cable handling. We believe in arming our employees with proper training and knowledge to ensure workplace safety. With the same purpose, we host a variety of training programs throughout the year.